«Giant Pandas» by Gail Gibbons

Новая книга на английском языке из фонда информационно-библиографического отдела. Предлагаем почитать! Очень интересно и познавательно.



Отзывы читателей:

This is a good book to use when studying different animals in the classroom because it gives plenty of information on a specific animal, the giant panda. It provides good descriptions of physical attributes of a giant panda and their lifestyles, while also having amazing illustrations.

This book is all about pandas. Full of information relating to their characteristics, eating habits and reproduction cycle. Can use this is a science lesson on how the environment and human influences can effect the population of certain creatures in the wild. For a student who is interested in wildlife and science this is the book for them.

uhhhh, where are those scent glands at? Wow at the age of two they live on their own and at age 4 they can mate, woah. Well I learned that pandas only live to be about 25 years old. I’m wondering though if pandas originally ate only meat and then over time they adapted to mostly bamboo where did the special thumb come from, did they have them while they were carnivores or is that an adaptation? I think it would be so fun to turn my class into a panda sanctuary for a week. Learning more and more about them as we read books like this one. I learned a lot form this book.

This book is about giant pandas. It tells us where they live and what they eat.

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